"I Podcast"

Jennifer Brown, CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting


"I Podcast"

Ron Painter, CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards


"I Podcast"

Mike Fazio, Founder/CEO, Workforce180


"We Podcast"

Ted and Arlene Taveras, Co-Founders, Spot-On Insurance


"If you're like me, staying on top of your game sometimes is a little difficult. All that information coming across your desk, what's important? One of the side-by products of podcasting is that it helps me look at articles different. It helps me look at information in a different way. What do I think is really important, what's really interesting, and what might people in my industry also like? Doug and the team make it easy to do podcasting. I'd encourage you to think about it."

Ron PainterCEO, National Association of Workforce Boards

Jennifer Brown, President & Founder, Jennifer Brown Consulting

"As a speaker, author and diversity and inclusion expert, podcasting has provided with me a powerful medium to get my message out globally. Podcasting helps me to stay top of mind with my community, helps to expand my reach and allows me to connect in a deeper way with other thought leaders in my field. Having Doug and his team handle the back end of podcast production has been a pleasure and allows me to focus on honing and sharing my voice. I highly recommend working with them."

Jennifer BrownPresident & Founder, Jennifer Brown Consulting

Bob Lanter, Executive Director, California Workforce Association

"Podcasting has turned out to be a great platform for our organization to communicate with our existing members as well as get the word out to those who may not have heard of us before. Doug and his team make it simple to produce and distribute our podcasts. Podcasting has helped us to get our organizational voice out not only locally but on a national level."

Bob LanterExecutive Director, California Workforce Association