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By March 5, 2018Blog Post

More and more podcast power users are using smart speakers like Alexa and Amazon Echo to listen to podcasts, and it’s an opportunity for podcasters.

We think about mobile devices for listening to podcasts and that’s important, but voice-enabled smart speakers will reach 55 % of US households in the next 5-7 years.

Podcasts are perfect content for Alexa and Echo users because they are strictly audio based. Nothing to see, or touch, or do, just listen to the episode as it plays out of an audio player. Why not an audio player that responds to your own voice?

In order to play podcasts, smart speakers require “skills” to be enabled. Skills are downloadable extras made by third-party developers. There are several different skills that you can enable for podcast playing purposes.


One standout skill that is a must for podcast subscribers is AnyPod. When asked, it plays any podcast in its directory. All you have to do is say “Alex, play [insert podcast name].” AnyPod also subscribes or unsubscribes to any podcast at your command.

This sort of feature on smart speakers makes it that much easier and more convenient to play podcasts in the midst of our multitasking culture. Cleaning the kitchen? Just ask Alexa to play the newest episode of your favorite podcast and you’ll be finished in no time!

Magic Podcast

Another standout skill for podcast listening is Magic Podcast which highlights episodes by topic. For instance, you could say “Alexa, ask Magic Podcast to find a show about horses.”Or, just add the word “Play” before saying the name of a podcast title to hear it, along with topical episodes in order of relevance. Don’t want to continue listening? Use the “Skip” command to go to the next episode.


The ability to play podcasts with smart speakers is a huge opportunity for the podcast industry. The value of a podcast subscription goes that much further with the ability to play episodes with simple voice commands. This ease has made and continues to make listening to podcasts that much more popular and addicting. It seamlessly fits into our hands-free, technology dependent lifestyle.  Who could ask for anything more?

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