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By February 19, 2018Blog Post

When it comes to building brands, millennials are choosing to use podcasting over blogging.

More so than any other generation (except for Generation Z of course) millennials rely on their mobile devices. They grew up texting over calling, having their emails built right into their phones, playing games, downloading apps, streaming music, and more, all from that little computer that fits in their pockets.

Podcasting fits right into this mobile device dependency.

Millennials want or dare we say NEED to stay connected. They are tuned into social media, news, and gaming, all at their fingertips and at all times of the day. They have developed an incredible ability to multitask while staying engaged. The portable nature of podcasting is the perfect compliment.

Unlike written content on blogs, or even video content, podcasts don’t require your eyes.

All you need is earphones or an audio playing system and you can drive, eat, shower, clean, you name it and it can be done while listening to a podcast! This multitasking ability has become key to holding the attention of millennials. Why just tune into a show when you can listen, text, and take a selfie too?

Not only do blog posts require concentration, but they are often lengthy and can no longer hold the attention of these multitasking minds. It’s much harder to keep readers engaged.  Pictures and videos have become necessary components to blogs as such. With podcasts, however, the length of content does not have to be truncated to hold your listener’s attention. They can pause and start the episode again right where they left off, or they can attend to other tasks at the exact same time. 

In short (for fear of making this blog post too long)…

Podcasting is the information sharing platform that is molding to fit the exact needs of today’s consumer. Building your brand with a podcast is the most effective tactic if you want to gain and retain the attention of today’s brand consumer. So start talking, and get those listener’s engaged!


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