5 Awesome Quotes on the Compelling Nature of Podcasts

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At this point, it is undeniable that the podcasting industry is growing and thriving. From gaining followers to advertising, the promotional and marketing potential of this audio form is transforming businesses every day. The language surrounding what we like to call the “podcast revolution” is encouraging, compelling, and exciting. We decided to round up or top 5 quotes (and the articles they came from) to further support and explain the compelling nature of podcasting in today’s media.

1.Contributed by Concordia University for Visual Capitalist.

“Journalists have linked this podcasting boom to the ubiquity of smartphones, time spent in transit, and online music services. Others attribute it to the brain-stimulating and addictive effects of audio learning, or the multitasking potential of listening. The beauty is in the overlap.”

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2. Contributed by Miranda Katz on wired.com

“People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is there and available. There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you otherwise don’t find. And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom—and that boom is only getting louder.”

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3. Contributed by Mac King

“According to Edison Media Research, the average podcast listener is young, wealthy, educated, employed full-time, both using social media and following brands on it, subscribing to on-demand video services and nearly always completing the episode to which they start to listen — creating an appetizing opportunity for advertisers and an intimate bond between hosts…and their listeners.”

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4. By Glen Weldon for NPR

“You need to invite us in, and the way you do that is by bringing us along with your thought process. Roundtable podcasts do need to feel different than polished, heavily produced radio pieces. Slickness is the enemy, it keeps us listening at a far remove. We want to feel like we’re in the room with you. So by all means, prepare, and think about phrasing. But plan ways to say things that will open the discussion, not shut it down.”

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5. Contributed by the Staff at WebProNews

“A podcast gives you an arena to show your expertise and passion for your niche. Your enthusiasm and speaking prowess also adds an authoritative air to the topic, something that the written word can’t express. And coming out with regular podcasts that have sound information and good ideas helps establish you and your brand as market leaders.”

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