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Coming up with content for your podcast may seem like a challenge. The best podcast content supports your overall marketing strategy and thus contributes to your brand’s marketing success. The best way to engage and subsequently grow your audience is to make sure your episode topics align with your audience’s interests. Give the people what they want to hear and they will come back for more!

The following are 5 podcast content ideas from Krista Bonskoek at Wishpond. 

1. Make a Theme and Stick With It

Before you dive in and start recording, ask yourself a few questions to focus your content. Are you trying to grow your following? Sell a product? Drive traffic to your website? Each of these questions elicits a different theme for your podcast, so make sure the theme you choose aligns best with your most prominent goals!

Once you know your theme, brainstorm about the kinds of topics your audience would want to know about. Look at current trends, what are people asking about and talking about right now?

Test it out! If you are podcasting consistently on one theme and not loving your response, try increasing your visibility and social media strategy before overhauling your podcast theme.

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2. Re-Use Your Content

Remember that you are an expert in your own right. Only YOU know your business inside and out. You are definitely already producing the content that would rock your podcast, so simply re-use it and record it! “Your audience might like to listen to your show on their daily commute, on their lunch break or whenever, and they’d just rather listen than read.”

Not all of your content will lend itself seamlessly to a podcast. The strongest content to transform into podcast episodes are how-to articles or videos, industry news, or opinion pieces.

3. Create A Topic Series

A great way to maximize content and engage your audience is to create a topic series. When you pick a topic your audience really wants to hear about, they will be more likely to tune in next time to hear part 2!

The key here is to keep your series relevant, digestible, useful, and personal. You want your listeners to feel like you are giving them the inside scoop that they won’t find anywhere else!

Having a series to add to will make it easier to come up with content when you’re having trouble finding another episode topic!

4. Engage with Guests

Invite people to be on your show! The best way to come up with new content is to collaborate with other members of your industry! Every new guest provides a new perspective and new talking points. Get creative and don’t be shy about reaching out. Your guests will be honored, and they’ll appreciate the exposure themselves.

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5. Ask Your Audience

One of the best ways to make sure your content is satisfying your audience is to ask them what they want to hear! This can make for awesome social media strategy as well. Consider running a Facebook contest. Encourage your audience to send in comments and questions for you to answer on your podcast. Getting your audience involved and making them feel part of the narrative is the best way to grow and retain active listeners!


Podcasting provides tremendous potential for your business and brand.  Make sure to get the most out of your podcasting by optimizing your content marketing strategy.

Check out the full article by Krista Bonskoek called “5 Podcast Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy” to learn more.

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